Our restaurant was opened as a sister store of SUSHI YASUDA, a famous restaurant with one Michelin star that was opened in New York in 1999 and has been at the vanguard of American sushi culture for many years.

The all-bamboo construction of our restaurant fuses relaxed Japanese ambience with modern sensibilities, making the restaurant's atmosphere ideal for not only family gatherings but also other special occasions, including important business situations—such as entertaining clients and holding business negotiations—as well as anniversaries and other celebrations with that special someone.


Our Commitment


The water

Our water, which is the foundation of everything we do, springs from Azusamizu Shrine, which is located on Mount Yari in the Northern Alps and is featured in a well-known dragon god legend, and this southern flowing underground Azusa River water is used to brew Japanese sake.

The rice

We use Hitomebore rice, a type of rice rich in both minerals and flavor. This rice is cultivated at the foot of Mount Chokai in Yamagata Prefecture, where it spends four weeks drying in the sun, maturing under the sunlight and winds of the Shonai Plain.

The vinegar

Richly flavored red vinegar, the basis of Edo-style sushi, is made using sake lees that are fermented for a long time. We use blended vinegar that is a mixture of this red vinegar and mellow rice vinegar.

The bamboo

Bamboo, with its beauty, suppleness, and strength—coupled with the way it reaches straight to the heavens—is widely regarded as an auspicious plant, and it has long been strongly associated with Japan's traditional culture and the lives of the Japanese people.
And this bamboo has been luxuriously used for the walls, ceiling, counters, and other elements of our restaurant.



SUSHI Y's dream is to make the time you spend with us special through a combination of fine sushi flavor and hospitality.

Signature dishes

We boast carefully chosen ingredients, highly refined craftsmanship, a commitment to beauty, and the ultimate in taste. We are therefore confident that our signature dishes will satisfy all five of your senses, including everything from the moment the food is served to the time you spend recalling the flavor of the food after you eat. We hope you take the opportunity to enjoy the crown jewels of SUSHI Y's culinary offerings.

Wild blue fin tuna

Here, you can enjoy tuna selected by highly experienced fish sellers for their outstanding color, flavor, and aroma throughout the year. Fragrant and supple, our tuna offers a delightfully sticky mouthfeel and smooth texture.

Bigfin reef squid

A truly beautiful specimen, the bigfin reef squid sparkles like gemstones, and our chef takes advantage of precise knife work to carefully notch the squid countless times. Known for offering an explosion of flavor and a delectably smooth mouthfeel, the bigfin reef squid is often heralded as the most delicious of all squids.

Hand-rolled filefish

Filefish is sometimes called the foie gras of the sea, and our dish combines its creamy liver with the pickled meat of the rest of the fish. We hope you will enjoy this dish and its distinctively refreshing yuzu scent, which hints at its marriage with highly fragrant seaweed carefully chosen by SUSHI Y.


We offer seasonal ingredients intended to help you experience all four seasons of Japanese cuisine, preparations that showcase highly refined chef skills, and only the finest water, rice, and vinegar. We painstakingly ensure that all of the above characteristics are constantly on full display. We hope this gives you the opportunity to sit back and fully enjoy the deep flavors of each sushi piece and plate.

Omakase: YUME

(13 dishes)
¥16,500 (including tax)
By reservation only
  • ・Appetizers: 3
  • ・Hand-pressed sushi: 10

Omakase: KANAYA

(17 dishes)
¥23,100 (including tax)
By reservation only
  • ・Appetizers: 5
  • ・Hand-pressed sushi: 12

Map & Directions

4F, 6-17-6 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tel. 03-5843-0166

Directions from the nearest stations
  • ・5 minute walk from Azabu-juban Station Exit 7
  • ・9 minute walk from Roppongi Station Exit 3

Restaurant Information

Reservation availabilityReservations required (by the day before)
Business hours5:30 pm to 11:00 pm (last entry: 9:30 pm)
Regular holidaysSundays and national holidays
Number of seats8 (entire restaurant reservation possible)
Credit cardsAccepted (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS)